What’s neXt 07 – Paul and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Barb and Doug discuss episode 8, wherein Paul and Ted LeBlanc enjoy giving the FBI the runaround.

Break Time & My Brother’s Keeper

The best scenes and lines of the episode were here. In trying to buy time to download the virus, Paul sets up a fake hostage situation (although the hostages don’t know its fake (although getting a generous contribution to their pensions is a definite plus after being scared to death for 15 minutes)). But the whole adventure with Paul and Ted vs the FBI was a wonderful way to bring reconciliation between the brothers.

Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?

Ty and Ethan, and Ty’s Mom, hunker down at Grandma’s but Grandma is not happy with all her cameras taken out. The news is not making either Ethan or Ty very happy (but what’s with the rabbit ears picking up a signal these days?), so the boy and his Dad have a heart-to-heart about people getting violent during blackouts. But hey, that won’t happen here, right? Well, until it does.


This new love triangle between CM, Gina, and Ben seems a bit late in the season to be cranking up, and especially since Ben is leaking info to the other team. This can’t end well.

“Last 5 minutes” Setups

The blackouts are spreading, perfect for launching a bio-weapon. And the servers are getting very active back at the NSA. How much smarter is neXt getting?

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