What’s neXt 01 – WiFi for the AI

Welcome to the What’s neXt podcast! Doug and Karen talk about the first episode of the Fox TV series “neXt”.

We talk about the Information Dump which is the first episode of the ten episode “event series”. Here’s a quick outline:

Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t After You

The main story has neXt, a rogue AI, starting to cause trouble for the real world. We start the episode with the always amazing John Billingsly as its first (that we know of) victim. He’s found some of neXt’s code, and subsequently, the AI goes after him.

Iliza, I’m Looking for a Mind at Work

We move on to the home edition of neXt, Iliza. We get brief snippets of the home assistant via equipment at Shea Salazar’s home. It has “befriended” their young son, Ethan. Seeing the AI in it’s soft fuzzy incarnation, and knowing it doesn’t have altruistic motivation.

Safe or Not Safe, That Is the Question

Ethan is being bullied at school, which plays into his bond with Iliza. She helps him with his homework while he’s alone, and convinces him that getting his mother’s gun out of the safe will stop them “once and for all”.

Fork You

Paul LeBlanc goes to lunch with his daughter to try and repair their relationship. neXt isn’t the only entity here that has ulterior motives, as Paul steals her fork in order to get it tested for the disease he’s going to die from.

Hostile Work Environment

Back at the ranch… at FBI headquarters, Salazar’s team isn’t exactly harmonious. Her two main agents are CM and Gina. They do NOT get along. CM is a felon and a white supremacist, while Gina is a woman of color. (The actress is of Israeli-decent)


ELIZA was created in the mid-60s, and it was a rudimentary language processing application. Created by Joseph Weizenbaum, he wanted to prove that AI couldn’t be intuitive. However, it became the framework for a huge majority of computer technology, and without it we’d be much less advanced.
You can play a version of it online here.

There’s a lot of conversation, including listener feedback, in this episode of What’s neXt, so have fun!

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